Stoneface Pastures

Stoneface Pastures is a Spring Green, Wisconsin family operated farm dedicated to organically raising happy and healthy heritage hogs.

Most of our hogs here at Stoneface Pastures are a heritage breed called the Red Wattle, named so for the cartilaginous, fleshy "wattle" dangling from each side of the neck (shown in the first photo below). While the wattles themselves have no known function, Red Wattles are the only remaining breed to maintain this characteristic, though this trait can be passed to the next generation when crossbreeding (see the second photo below, showing a Red Wattle and Hampshire cross).

Red Wattles are generally agreed upon as a truly "American" breed, and do best in pastures where they can actively forage. They are mild-tempered, though hardy, and do well in a range of climates including ours here in southern Wisconsin.

In the culinary realm, Red Wattle meat is well known and sought after for its rich texture and depth of flavor. Well-marbled, deep red/pink in hue, and flavorful, Red Wattle is a favorite among home cooks and restaurant chefs alike.

Stoneface Pastures provides rich pasture to all of our hogs for unlimited forage. We also use locally grown feed and adhere to ethically responsible standards for the care of our animals. Ultimately, we believe that humane treatment of our hogs results in superior product, and happier animals (and farmers) all around.

happy heritage pork raised in spring green, wisconsin